Monday, December 26, 2016

Live Demo of Trash Boom and Weed Cutter at Sowl Kere on 23rd Dec 2016 Friday 12noon - 1pm

The demo of the weed cutter and trash boom from Agastya Buoyant was organised at Sowl Kere by BIOME and MAPSAS.

The participation was varied - included
  1. the fishing contractors and gardeners from 3 different lakes - Seenappa, Narayan, Rajappa, Babu and Santosh
  2. Mr Arun Kumar from Tide technocrats
  3. Shalini from DBHalli lake and Dinni from Chunchughatta lake group
  4. Satish and his son who is going to be participating at the Round Square conference being held in Ajmer in January. 
  5. Lakshmi kantha from Namma Bengaluru Foundation
  6. Mr Das , lake supervisor from MAPSAS
  7. 2 Gardeners from KKHalli
  8. Shubha from BIOME Trust
  9. Sandip from Agastya Buoyant
Infact Mr Babu and Santosh - 2 of the fishing contractors also helped conduct the demo by going into the lake and actually using the tools. Hence they could give back good feedback to the tool manufacturers to tweak the tools for different lakes.

The team also stayed back to see the progress on the STP work at Sowl Kere. A 100KLD STP that works with anaerobic baffled reactors, PGF and algal pond to mine sewage and let it into the lake, designed by EcoParadigm is current under construction

Many thanks to Mr Das from MAPSAS for helping co-ordinate the demo

Going into the lake

Weed cutter

Trash boom at work

Most participants

Anaerobic Baffle reactor

Some discussions

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