Thursday, December 22, 2016

7th KSWN meet on 21st Dec 2016

KSWN (Karnataka State Water Network)  is an  industry led initiative that brings together all the stakeholders (Industry members, community groups, academics, Government, and non-profit organizations) from various industrial zones in Bangalore to work towards achieving self-sufficiency in water needs with inclusive approach for water management.

“Bangalore Lakes Rejuvenation: Business & Citizen Partnership” was the core focus of the session on 21st Dec. Some good points that were brought forth/discussed were

  1. The CSR Act itself does not consider contributions made towards solving urban issues as CSR donations
  2. Initially all lake infrastructural work (bunding, stone pitching, STP etc ..) was always paid for by the BBMP/Tax payers money and Corporates helped out with maintenance or other small projects. Now corporates are stepping forward to help out with more core work - like setting up of STPs. Is it ok for Corporates to be helping out with infrastructural work ? 
  3. Regulations (FCRA being an important one) often keep some of the community groups from getting the funding directly from corporates. This in turn also sometimes results in lack of engagement with the community. All stakeholders of a lake have to be considered while coming up with the DPR

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