Sunday, August 25, 2013

Another innovation from Mr Reddy : A modified strainer

A design of a rainwater filter, especially for higher rainfall intensities  and larger catchments is always very tricky. Do you design for better quality filtration, easy maintainability or maximum capture of the rainfall endowment ? Of course - in an ideal world - all of the above and some more :)

The products that are currently available in the market that cater to a 500sqm rooftop  and that are wall mountable are expensive and result in a fair bit of water loss. The civil structures (storage type filters) take up a lot of space and are not easy to maintain. A small adaptive innovation from Mr Reddy addresses the above concerns. It is a modified strainer that provides a certain degree of filtration, results in no losses and is relatively easier to maintain. More details in the video

The inventor outside his home
The components of the filter