Saturday, December 3, 2016

Biome at Bhoomi College

Bhoomi College had organised a week -long workshop on various topics concerning environment and water starting from 28th November 2016. Members from the Biome Team had anchored the module on "Water and Well being" where the participants where engrossed discussing topics like
How is water supplied to Bangalore, 
Rise in the dependence on Groundwater  
Understanding the water demand for a city
What is Water quality and how it impacts health.
What is Fluorosis, its sources, its manifestations and how to prevent it
What are the instruments to check attributes related to Water

The first day was limited to discussion in the beautiful Bhoomi Campus and delicious food which is prepared from vegetables grown on campus. 
To understand these topics in greater details, field visits were organised for the following two days. for first day, the participants along with the team from Azim Premji University visited the Jakkur Lake, where Annapoorna Kamath explained the process on how the community maintained the Jakkur lake healthy after taking over from the government. Later they visited the Jakkur Sewage Treatment Plant and understood the process of sewage treatment.
Next day, the participants visited clusters of Rainbow drive and Adarsh Palm Retreat to understand how people can take initiatives in managing their groundwater.

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