Friday, February 19, 2016

Our Water : Session with students of Aditi Mallya school on 20th Jan 2016

As part of a Library event at Aditi Mallya school, a session on water was organized, including -
1. Journey of the Rivers of Bangalore
2. Extinct Lakes of Bangalore
3. Underground water system
4. Rainwater Harvesting
5. Conservation of water in our daily life. 

Many thanks to Teacher Jayashree for helping put together this event

Monday, February 15, 2016

3 Day Water Sustainability program for students of BHOOMI College

Q and A with Mr Vishwanath
BIOME Trust organized a 3 day Workshop on "Water and Sustainability" from 27th Jan to 29th Jan 2016 for the Students of the Bhoomi College

The schedule was made up of classroom lectures and site visits to Rainbow Drive, Halanayakanahalli village, Jakkur Lake and Mr Vishwanath's home in Vidyaranyapura. The detailed program is here

Other than Bangalore, some of the participants were from France, Orissa, Indore, Chennai and certain other parts of the country which made for very interactive sessions and interesting exchange of information

Phytorid STP at Rainbow Drive

Q and A with Mr. KP Singh

Water ATM at Halnayakanahalli

5p per liter. Water ATM at Halanayakanahalli

Monday, February 8, 2016

Sewage Flow Measurements at Sowl Kere on 6th Aug 2015

The following flows in KL/hour were observed between 11:30am and 1:00pm on 6th Aug 2015 at Sowl Kere

Flow 1 : From WIPRO Side (not from WIPRO) : 101-135
Flow 2 : From Kanti Sweets side : 96-128
Flow 3: From KKHalli: 167-223
Flow 4: From Adarsh Lakefront apt – under construction : 23-30

Detailed Data and Calculations available here.
Uniform velocity across the Cross Section has been considered. Some basic calc. has been done to get a sense of order of magnitude The calculations will need to be reworked
Pictures here

Preethi - Many practical learnings. Is a good exercise for students to repeat for all lakes

Many thanks to Dr Kulkarni, Anita, John and Shankar . We've asked John and Shankar (security at Kere) to repeat some of these measurements at different times during the day.

Monday, February 1, 2016

Small fixes to the RWH system at Renuka School

Joint come apart
RWH had been implemented in the Renuka School beside Kaikondrahalli lake by the participants of the NDTV Godrej Green champion Show. The system required small repair work to get it funtional. Kunal from our team with timely help from Lokesh the plumber was able to quickly fix this system and bring it back to action