Tuesday, December 20, 2022

Wells of Vidyaranyapura: All is well with the BWSSB Well!

 A well with crystal clear water stands in the compound of the Vidyaranyapura BWSSB office. The 50-feet deep and 35-feet wide well can potentially hold over 1 million liters of water !! 

Mr. Shankar, the water-tanker driver employed at the BWSSB office, recalls that he has never seen the well go dry in the last 20 years. He attributes its perenniality to the Narsipura Lake which is 300 meters away from the office. 

 Fig: The proximity of the Narsipura Lake from the BWSSB office (red balloon) 

He confirms that the water from the well is used to fill the 4000-liter-capacity jetting tanker he drives. This water is used for clearing manholes — a volume of 16000 liters and 2000 liters per day is sourced from the well during the monsoons and summers respectively.

Every month, Mr. Shanker volunteers to clear the dead foliage, flowers, and twigs that fall on the mesh covering the mouth of the well. Hence, ensuring its upkeep. 

Fig: The functional, old well located in the BWSSB Office of Vidyaranyapura.

While explaining its multifunctionality, he points at an iridescent school of fish swimming in the water— the BWSSB well is home to aquatic life as well!

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