Saturday, December 10, 2022

Wells of Vidyaranyapura: Kamesh Mahadevan’s Well

In order to correct the Vastu of his house (located in BEL Layout) Mr. Kamesh Mahadevan sealed a 30-year-old well that stood in the southeast corner of his house and replaced it with another recharge well in his courtyard.

This 3-feet wide and 20-foot deep well is used to recharge rooftop rainwater. The rooftop rainwater is routed into the well after it passes through a wall-mounted filter.

When the well was dug in 2020, it saw no water for almost a year. Though, with continuous recharge over time, it started to hold water. 

Image 1: Mr. Mahadevan’s well that filled up after two years of continuous recharge

After 2 years, the water has risen to a height of 6 feet from ground level and has stayed thus for the last 6 months ( i. e November 2022). He beams that this is the most it has ever yielded and attributes this to the heavy rains Bengaluru witnessed this year. The excessive rainwater from the brimming well was diverted into the stormwater drain — this proud well owner has done his bit in recharging groundwater. 

He plans on utilizing the water in the well by installing a pulley to draw water manually and to give it an old-school look!

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