Monday, April 1, 2019

Groundwater Recharge Workshop on 30th March 2019, at Rainbow Drive Layout

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With the borewells going deeper and groundwater levels falling, it becomes critical for us to recharge groundwater. Recharge wells have proved to be good structures to put water into the ground. Rainbow Drive has been championing groundwater recharge for a long time now with 200+ recharge wells on their 34 acre property.

Having worked extensively on groundwater recharge, Biome Environmental Trust (Biome) has launched a campaign called “Million Recharge Wells for Bengaluru - Reviving our groundwater responsibility". Every citizen of Bengaluru, whether they live in individual homes, layouts, gated communities, institutions or even industries can contribute to the Million Wells movement.

If you want to know more about the campaign or want to understand recharge wells and the process of digging recharge wells by traditional well diggers or want to understand regulations around rainwater harvesting in Bengaluru, then please join us on Saturday 30th March 2019, at Rainbow Drive Layout on Sarjapura road. Rainbow Drive has very kindly agreed to host this event on their campus. The event will be mostly outdoors, will involve walking around, seeing the recharge wells and other water management practices at Rainbow Drive and engaging with the well diggers

Time: 10 am- 12 noon
Venue: Rainbow Drive Layout, Sarjapura road
Meeting point:

Please RSVP or for confirmation so that we can get the number of people attending the event.

We had a huge turnout - much larger than expected. The event went off well. The Questions got us to to start on an FAQ that we shall shortly share


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