Sunday, July 13, 2014

Water Meters in the Labour Colony in Parappana Agrahara

Water Meters installed
With the reduction in water availability and increase in water costs a genuine need has been felt and expressed for the installation of water meters in apartment / homes so that each family pays only for the volume of water it uses. Despite the need for it, not many builders have come forward with installation of water meters in new buildings nor have many apartments been able to retrofit this in older apartments.

In this context it was quite interesting to see water meters installed and in use for bill generation and collection in a small and low income settlement adjacent to Parappana Agrahara Kere (about 100m from Haralur Road)

Water meters - all in a row


zenrainman said...

This is very interesting . Who has installed the meters ? What is the tariff structure? Who collects the bills? What is the production cost of water ? Can we help them with this ?

Earthwormfirefly said...

This is super interesting.....Shubha I want to visit this place....

Biome Trust said...

The meters have been installed by Prabhu Reddy - the local landlord. Could not get the rest of the information - about bills/tariff etc. That would need a separate visit.

Sure Avinash - will do that the next time you are in the vicinity

Ravi V said...

I live in apt. complex that has around 300 apts in Haralur Road. We currently don't have water meters installed. Do you know any agency that can do a feasibility study/take project on what it takes to install water meter for existing apts that are not setup to use water meter?


Biome Trust said...

Dear Ravi,

Meter installation in large apartments with multiple water inlets to each home is difficult. Vinod Damodaran , AnCenergy Technology Services Pvt Ltd.| | | Email: | Ph: +91 80 41642282| Mob: +91 89040 68003 offers this service. Alternatively separate meters can be installed for each of the inlets which can then be manually totalled. has documented some of these stories.

A good start might be to just meter each of the blocks. This will give an indication as to which blocks are the heavy water consumers and hence need intervention.

Karan said...

very interesting!


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Vasthi Insturments said...

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