Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Doddakannelli Kere and Open wells

Day of visit: 21st July, 2014

Aquifer Mapping project team was again on the quest for open wells. This time our project partners ACWADAM also accompanied us for this search so that we could get a perspective on geology too. The earlier maps as old as 1973 suggest certain open well locations near the lakes. However, increased urbanization, heavy pumping through borewell, conversion of lakes into constructed land has led to drying up of these open wells. Thus, hardly you find people staying close by knowing the existence of such open wells though they might be in use for dumping their garbage.

The two wells that we stumbled upon are near Doddakannelli kere. The Kere falls in survey number 109 with an area around 18 acres, 24 guntas. The lake is part of BBMP jurisdiction. Currently the desiltation work is finished and lake is completely dried up with expectation of getting filled during this monsoon. The lake boundary is defined by fencing around the lake.

We also found three borewells around the lake. Two of them were dried but one is still pumping water. After a small chat with local person, we got to know that this pumping borewell is a government borewell and pumped water is supplied to the doddakannelli village. The borewell depth varies from 500ft-1000ft in this area.

Sinking of shallow wells is the most economical solution to construct a good water supply for homesteads and communities and that is why lakes, river bank one can find fresh ground water can be found within a depth of maximum 20 metres.
Details about the two wells are as below:

  1. Well 1: It is smaller with square upper structure to install pulley. The well is dry with garbage dumped inside.
  2. Well 2: The other well some 20-30 m from this well is bigger and circular with diameter of 8-10 m. Inside, the diameter is not uniform i.e. the smallest diameter is at the bottom the top has highest diameter. The well is dry and covered by all sides with trees and hence we couldn't find it initially. 

Well 2
Well 1

According to the local person we spoke to, these wells had water some 40 years back as he and other people used to swim when they were kids. The real question now to ponder on is how the water can be revived! 

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