Tuesday, February 5, 2013

RWH tour for students of Golden Valley CoE, Madanapalle

11 final year Civil Engineering students and their guide (an Engineer with the Irrigation department) visited different types of RWH installations today alongwith BIOME as part of their final year project. The trip had a good mix of both theory and site visits. They went to  SISA Kendra, Rainwater Harvesting Theme Park, Rainbow Drive and Sobha Quartz - each presenting a different aspect of RWH to the students.

Some thoughts and information that stayed with us post the visit

  1. The students had collected the daily rainfall data for the past 5 years from the tehsildar's and irrigation dept. offices and were keen to share it with us
  2. They had ideas on how RWH and Waste Water Treatment could be implemented back home. We wait to hear from them
  3. Their guide had been deeply moved by the water episode on "Satyamev Jayatae" and thought it important that something be done about the same. He has been at it and trying out different ideas for the past few months. This RWH tour being one of the attempts too
  4. The willingness, pride and enthusiasm with which, the people that have implemented RWH like to talk about it is also an amazing feeling. A very warm thanks to all the folks at each of the venues that helped us by allowing us to use the facilities at the premises as well as interacted with the students
We should do more of these !!
Theory session at SISA Kendra

At the RWH park

Shobhit explains: Recharge Wells at Rainbow Drive
RWH Theme Park
Sobha Quartz basement
Final Group photo
The customary tea - just before winding up

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