Monday, February 4, 2013

RWH at SISA Kendra

SISA Kendra, a school in Whitefield implements rooftop rainwater harvesting. Water from about 800sqm of rooftop is stored in a 30,000 liter sump as well used for borewell recharge as part of the implementation. The harvestable potential is about a quarter of a million litres. Great effort, involvement and coordination from the school management, administration and teaching staff. The next step is to try and put in place an appropriate system to treat and reuse waste water.
Testing the bricks 

Excavated sump
Sump walls completed
Vishwanath addresses the audience
RWH system inauguration

A great honour to be invited to their annual day. Mr Reddy inaugurates the system. 


Karan said...

Congrats. The sump tank looks really awesome. Congrats to Mr VV Reddy too. What was the method for testing the bricks?

Biome Trust said...

Thanks. Yes- it was a big masonry sump - made as 3 independent sumps. Mr Reddy was really thrilled to have inaugurated the system. It was his first inauguration/felicitation - and said he would remember the honour forever. The bricks were put in water to check that they do not disintegrate