Sunday, November 20, 2022

Biome Trust part of City Resource Forum for Bengaluru

The second meeting of the City Resource Forum (CRF), Bengaluru was held on 02th Nov 2022  at the BCC, Bengaluru and was attended by many members from 17 city organizations. 

Biome Trust will be part of the steering committee, to engage with on-ground work on water & livelihood related goals. 

The CRF has been conceived as a part of the Fair Urban Transitions program and has been set up by Gujarat Mahila Housing Sewa Trust (MHT) supported by Integrated Design (INDÉ). The CRF is envisaged to be a coalition of diverse stakeholders working at the intersection of climate change, urbanization and informality, to work for the city. It bridges the gap , between multiple dimensions of the city, to also reflect in formal policy and framework. 

The emerging thematics that was discussed were energy and access for housing, water security, ward planning framework and local planning for governance. 

Ward planning framework was discussed in detail and ideas of citizen-led, inclusive planning that captures the nuances/dynamics on ground beyond land-use categories, mechanisms to integrate ward plans with city level planning tools were brainstormed.

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