Thursday, March 24, 2022

Rejuvenation of Library Well at Lalbagh

 Lalbagh is a 240 acres Botanical garden located in south Bengaluru. The Lalbagh lake (within the park) spreads over about 30 acres and is full of water for most of the year. The groundwater tables have been observed to be high in many parts of the park. 

Location of Lalbagh

There are 6 open wells in Lalbagh. Of these 4 have water. And 2 wells which were filled with construction debris and garden waste were rejuvenated in March and June 2021 respectively.  After rejuvenation both the wells have water in them.  Water from these wells are being used in the garden.

Rejuvenated Wells and Open Wells in Lalbagh

Rejuvenated well - 1 at Lalbagh

Rejuvenated well - 2 at Lalbagh

A well behind the library near Lalbagh main gate was closed with concrete slabs. This  was opened after getting the necessary permission. Water could be seen in the well. Some pipes were observed inside the well and we were informed that these pipes bring the water from the storm water drain into the well.

Closed well in the foreground

After removing the concrete and the stone slab well with water  was found

Puravankara group came forward to rejuvenate the well.  Well digger Ramkrishna and his team started working on the well to rejuvenate it in the month of February 2022. Water and silt from the well was removed.  Large stones were found at the bottom of the well.  As these were very heavy they were left at the bottom of the well.  Some stone pitching was required after removing unwanted pipes.  After the well was cleaned one could observe water gushing into the well.  Water was observed 10ft bgl

This well is 9ft in diameter and 32 ft in depth. The well recuperates in 6 hours when all the water in the well is used. This well has about 40000 L water at present  and can hold upto 60000 L.

Well cleaning in progress

Large stones at the bottom of the well

Water being pumped out of the well

Stone pitching inside the well

Here is a video of the water gushing into the well

A parapet wall of 3 ft has been constructed around the well.  A pulley is also placed to draw water manually if required.  Motor is also fixed to pump water which will be used in the garden. A grill is provided to cover the well to prevent leaves and other materials falling into the well.

Rejuvenated Well - 3 covered with grill
Water being used in the garden

Open wells help manage the shallow aquifer by being structures that can both draw water from the shallow aquifer as well as serve as structures that can recharge the ground. Open wells with water are also the source of water with the lowest amount of energy required to source the water. More details about Bangalore and its open wells can be found here

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