Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Filtering borewell water using rainwater filter

Mr.Sham Prasad is the resident of Doddabommasandra, Vidyaranya post. The water management in his individual house is bit different and I have captured it below:

 He is receiving two types of piped water - CMC water and Cauvery water. He has a borewell which is more than 20 years old. The water supply from both CMC and Cauvery is not sufficient to meet the requirement of two households (located in the same compound). The borewell yield was decreasing and he wanted to dig recharge well to improve the borewell yield. He got in touch with BIOME and engaged with plumber Mohan for the service. 

Plumber Mohan dug the recharge well in 2019. He connected the rooftop water into the sump tank after passing it though a masonry filter. There are two sump tanks in each house. The overflow from one sump enters the other sump. Once the second sump is full, overflow water reaches the recharge well. 

Mr.Sham Prasad was facing the accumulation of sand particles in the borewell water. The initial thought was to install a sand filter. Plumber Mohan(Ph: 9986922193) who implemented the rainwater harvesting suggested passing the borewell water through the masonry rainwater filter and there was no need to install the sand filter at all. Mohan connected the borewell water back into a masonry filter during September 2020. The issue of sand particles accumulation in borewell water has been resolved completely. 

Water from the borewell is pumped to masonry filter and from the filter water reaches the sump through gravity. During the monsoon when the sump is already filled with rainwater, pumping the borewell water back into the masonry filter would cause a trouble, but Sham Prasad uses the borewell only during the scarcity that is mostly in summer. As of now there is no issue found. 


- Rakshitha M L

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