Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Richmond Park Visit on 7/9/21

Rakshitha visited Richmond park in Richmond town on 7th of August 2021. The findings from the visit are captured below:

Richmond park is looked after by caretaker Mr.Siddappa. He has been in Richmond park since 2 years.
Richmond park has an old open well which was rejuvenated during the month of July by Ramakrishna (Ph: 9743538649) and team. Siddappa says before the rejuvenation the well was a garbage dump where all kinds of waste was dumped till the surface. He would not go near the well as it would stink badly. He was excited when he heard the well is getting rejuvenated. He says the well has been rejuvenated well and it is yielding good quality of water. Currently the well has water at 4ft from the ground level.


The well

There is no Cauvery water supply to the park. There are two borewells out of which one borewell is yielding well. Siddappa uses both borewells to water the garden. After the well revival he is using the well water for gardening regularly to the plot of garden just opposite the well. He says it is easier to use open well water to this plot as he does not have to take water from farthest borewell. He is happy that every time he pumps the water (for half an hour) new water is coming from the aquifer. He and other 3 members of his family are also using the well water for domestic purposes. He is planning to use the well water for drinking after a raining period. 

Listen to the conversation with park caretaker Siddappa here

Residents Welfare Association is growing water Cabbage in a small structure similar to a step well to purify the water as they have introduced fishes into it. There was one single water cabbage which grew up to cover the entire pond. 

Water Cabbage in the pond

- Rakshitha M L

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