Wednesday, April 8, 2020

March/April 2020: Pelicans and Painted Storks at Lower Ambalipura Lake

All lakes in Bangalore have been off limits for people since the lockdown started in the last week of March 2020. Lower Ambalipura lake is a 7 acre lake and normally only gets egrets, herons and other small wetland birds as visitors. While painted storks had visited the lake in early 2010-2011, lately they had not been visiting the lake and the assumed reason was that the new high rise buildings had reduced the landing angle required for the larger birds. However, this year in March/April 2020 we have had both Pelicans and Painted Storks visit the lake. Only those people who have balconies adjacent to the lake have had an opportunity to see these birds. Here are some pictures taken by Mathew from Trinity apartments. Thanks to him we get to see these birds

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