Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Kere Habba - Bagalur, Arebannimangala, Gopalpura

Kere Habba: Festival celebrated on the occasion of lakes filling up

On Feb 14, 2020 Kere habba was curated by legislative and panchayat members at Bagalur Lake, Arebannimangala lake and Gopalpura lake.  Treated wastewater 
is being pumped into these lakes from Hebbal, Horamavu and Hennur STPs. Treated water is being pumped into Bagalur lake since July 2019.  Once Bagaluru lake 
was full, the overflow from here has filled up its downstream Arebannimangala lake and Gopalpura lake.

Inlet weir at Bagalur lake     
Overflow weir at Bagalur Lake

These lakes were dry for the past 20 years. People in the villages are happy to see water in the lake which in turn has recharged the open wells and borewells.

Open well yielding water

 On this rejoice occasion people from villages dressed  beautifully came together to celebrate and participate in Kere habba processions. Biome got an opportunity to 
witness all this picturesque event.

Kere Habba ritual procession at Arebannimangala lake

Kere Habba ritual procession at Arebannimangala lake

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