Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Video on Seepage Management at Safina Towers

Safina Towers located on Ali Asker Road, had been facing seepage problems in their lower basement since the building had been constructed. The volume of water seepage reached an alarming amount during the heavy monsoon rains of September, 2017 which is when Mr. Madhiazhagan, the Maintenance Head of Safina Towers, reached out to Biome.

Safina Towers implemented Biome's recommendation of digging three open wells within the property, one near the eastern boundary, one near the northern boundary and the other near the southern boundary. Almost a year later in October 2018, Mr. Madhiazhagan informed Biome that their basement was free from water seepage and that they were able to pull out 1 lakh liters of water every day for their personal consumption.

This project shows the beneficial effects of open wells- it helps recharge ground water, and also reduces flooding and seepage. Click this link to watch a short video on seepage management at Safina Towers.
Aerial view of Safina Towers

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