Sunday, May 12, 2019

Nallurhalli: Vision for Lake Development

Come summer, Water shortage and wells drying it is a common seen around Bangalore.  Communities living around lakes are coming together to revive lakes which helps in ground water recharge and flood control.

Nallurhalli Lake is part of a 1000 years old lakes network in Whitefield. On May 12, 2019 communities living around Nallurhalli lake came together to brainstorm the Lake Development Vision.  Friends of Lake, Biome Environmental Trust, Next Drop were part of this meeting as facilitators.


We saw a huge turnout of people from  Nallurhalli, communities living around the lake and stakeholders.  Subgroups were formed for working on Solid Waste Management, Water Quality and medical waste dumping in the water. Various other requirements for the Lake were also agreed upon.


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