Saturday, March 16, 2019

Water Entrepreneurs- Borewell Camera Inspection

When borewells go dry, a helpful solution is to use a camera to see inside the borewell. Borewell camera services can be used to identify the depth, the static water level and moisture areas inside the borewell. Market bought cameras are extremely expensive but water entrepreneurs such as Karthik uses LCD screens, batteries, long cables and second hand rear view cameras from cars to build their own borewell cameras. Karthik is based in Devanahalli and charges around Rs 1000 to Rs 2000 for camera inspection depending on the depth of the borewell. He can be reached on 82177 82660.

This is a picture of Karthik, a water entrepreneur based out of Devanahalli

Other entrepreneurs that provide borewell camera inspection services are:

Anil Kumar- 99726 98191
Devaraj- 98803 40290
Manjunath- 95353 21790
Ashok- 91649 81818
Madhu- 84538 44440
Murthy- 98808 15022
Munishamgouda- 97414 25280
Vijay- 91412 26452
Shivanna- 94807 07983
Ramesh- 99729 15187

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