Thursday, May 3, 2018

Products made with Typha and other natural fibres


Wetland, a land area which is saturated with water sees many aquatic plants in it. Some of these species like Typha are very fibrous in nature. Most of these species have a short life cycle. At the end of their lifecycle these species fall into the water creating large amount of organic matter. When harvested these are either used as fodder for livestock or composted by some. These are also harvested and utilised by the locals around the lake and used for making products. 

Traditionally natural fibres have been used to make utilitarian/craft products. These fibrous plants are harvested and used, thereby reducing organic matter and keeping the water clean.   In Bangalore one can find these species in abundance around Lakes and Wetlands. 

Mr. Gopi has been working with several communities and mentoring several NGO's in utilising natural fibres to make products. He has currently set up a Craft Space at Durgadahalli. Mr. Dinesh founder of a Not for Profit organization, Janastu, is partnering with Mr Gopi in this project.

Craft Space is located in a beautiful location surrounded by hills, at the foothills of Devarayanadurga, near Tumkur.

Few of us visited Durgadahalli to see and understand the work done at Craft Space.

There are various products made at Craft Space by craftsmen/women using natural fibres. Different materials such as Typha, Areka, Coconut, Banana, certain type of Grass, wild gourd etc are used.

The general process is 

      Material available is harvested and dried and stored for further use.

      The raw material required is taken and soaked in water for 20-30 minutes, cut to the required size and weaved into various products.

The above basket is made using Typha

In the above pic
1.Small bowl is made using Gourd and Typha
2.The center big basket is made using Banana fiber
3.Small pen holder is made using grass

The link here provides more pictures and details about their activity.

Mr. Gopi and Mr. Dinesh are happy to share their knowledge with interested people.  They organise workshops and also take orders.

Contact : TB Dinesh at
                Ph. No. : +91 9731666663

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