Thursday, February 1, 2018

Workshop at Bhoomi College on 'Water and Well-being'

Biome Environmental Trust conducted a 3-day workshop (22nd Jan- 24th Jan 2018) at Bhoomi College, Bangalore focused on 'Water and Well-being'.

The overall idea was to introduce different concepts related to water, a little bit of theory combined with site visits to communities and lake and activity session.

We really enjoyed interacting with the students and hope that the students found it interesting too.

The schedule is as below:

DAY 1Description
1Introduction + Overview + Context Setting for urban water management,
2Q and A/Unstructured discussions + Plan for the 3 days
3Tea Break
4Demand, Demand as Rainfall and is sustainable demand in cities possible. Supply sources (conventionally thought) : Piped water, Groundwater, lakes, Quality
5Q and A/Unstructured discussions
6Fluoride in Water
8Ecological practices : Rainwater harvesting, Waste water reuse, groundwater management, Demand management (30min + 15min QnA)
9Sanitation, CLTS

DAY 2Description
1Visit to Rainbow Drive
3Visit to Kasavanhalli School

DAY 3Description
1Visit to Sowl Kere
2Travel back to Bhoomi college
3Working on Assignment
5Devanahalli discussion
6Assignment presentations
7Open house covering:
- principle of subsidiarity & water balance
- connects between water management, solid waste management, public health, resource reuse and recovery
- citizens participation and citizen science
- participatory aquifer mapping
- ensuring accountability of institutions (lakes story)
- feedback

Bhoomi College students 

Presentation on Water Demand and Supply: Sustainable cities

Fluoride and Health

Site visit to Sowl Kere

Interacting with Mr. K P Singh at Rainbow Drive

Site visit at Rainbow Drive

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