Friday, February 24, 2017

Open well off Sarjapura Road : 4ft in diameter and SIXTY feet deep

This open well off Sarjapura Road is 4ft in diameter and SIXTY feet deep. It has just been dug. The rings and slabs are still to be placed. At a depth of 60ft it is possibly the deepest well for a 4 feet diameter or possibly even the deepest open well in the area for any diameter. Pedanna and team have dug the well. The soil shows beautiful colours by depth - distinct shades of yellow, white and red. Pedanna has kept the soil in different heaps for us to inspect. The soil is crumbly and certainly good for groundwater recharge. This well however has been dug for extracting water - and hence the depth. Currently there is no water in the well and so it will be used for groundwater recharge. Wish there was a better camera/camera person to highlight the depth of the well. The picture does no story telling. Standing next to the 60ft deep well can bring a strange feeling to your stomach and to your heart

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