Thursday, January 12, 2017

Open Well with Water Opposite Kaikondrahalli Kere

Pedanna and the well
Most borewells along Sarjapura Road do not yield much water. A new apartment opposite Kaikondrahalli Kere is also struggling for water as their borewells run dry. The builder decides to revive an old  open well in his property. The well is  18ft in diameter and 40ft deep and has been fully closed with mud. Pedanna the well digger is called in. Alongwith his team Pedanna excavates all the 40ft of mud manually. They strike water at about 20ft below ground level. The water has to be pumped out as they continue to dig. The well is now completely excavated and holds about 20ft of water. Every day about 100,000 - 140,000 litres of water is pumped out from the well and the well fills up again the next day. The water seems to be of reasonable quality. It is treated and used by the apartment

All this right behind the garbage segregation point opposite Kaikondrahalli Kere

When builders start looking at open wells as sources of water, could open wells become more mainstream ?

Garbage segregation point
Apartments in the background
Well with water and pump

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