Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Retrofit DEWAT At Mr. Sai Kiran’s residence

Mr. Sai Kiran approached Biome to help design a system to treat the wastewater discarded from the kitchen. There are two kitchens at 1st and 2nd floor respectively, where meals for 8 members, are prepared routinely. The quantity of kitchen wastewater generated per day is estimated to be 400 litres. The family takes care to use natural washing agents like shikakai and ash. Usage of detergents is minimal.   
The generated wastewater flows down the rear of the building and then enters the sewerage system. The existing plumbing is such that a common pipe carries the wastewater stream from both kitchens. In general kitchen wastewater is a good source of nutrient for plants however it needs to be freed from any oil/grease content before usage. So it was required to design a grease-trap cum baffle  chamber followed by a aerobic plant-gravel System.

Working Principle:
a) A treatment system to remove the oil and grease from the kitchen waste. b) Consisting of an oil and grease trap, and a baffle filter. c) The treated water will be rendered free of grease and large solids.   
The semi treated grey water will then be passed through a planted gravel base. The root of the plans supply oxygen to aerobic bacteria present in the water which further breaks down the undesired particles in grey water. After this state water would be clean by almost 80%
The treated water then goes to a another container to be used for gardening or flushing( if dual plumbing system is set).

The project has been implemented by Mr. Babu, he has been associated with all plumbing work in Mr. Sai kiran’s resident. Below are few pictures taken during the implementation and testing phase of the retrofit system.
Grease trap
below is the 3 chambered (1 cft. each) grease trap separated by two baffles. This is before covering. IMG_0633.JPG

Planted Gravel Filter - The 2nd unit through which the water passes.
Final Storage unit/Polishing Pond:- Babu posing inside the polishing pond. Thereafter water can be pumped for irrigation.IMG_0634.JPGIMG_0638.JPG

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