Sunday, September 18, 2016

Open Wells and Lakes (Wells beside Lakes)

Traditionally most lakes had 1 or 2 wells close to them. These were the points for withdrawal of water. People withdrew water not from the lake but from the Wells. The water in the well is normally of better quality than the water in the lake. The soil between the lake and the well being the natural filter
Some of these wells still exist. Most are dry - despite being close to a dry or rejuvenated lake with water. Often times you also see a borewell that has been dug inside the open well to further extract water.  A well might be dry due to falling water tables or due to siltation at the lake/well that is preventing water from flowing below ground.
As part of the lake rejuvenation exercise, it would be good to dig new wells as well as desilt old open wells
In recent times, this has been demonstrated by the Renuka school near Kaikondrahalli Lake that is using a shallow well as its source of water. Wells near Jakkur Lake are sources of Water too
The well can be located and designed both for water utility as well as water-culture-education
An old well near Jakkur Lake