Sunday, June 5, 2016

Haralur Road Park: Planning/Planting a pond and food forest (5th June Sunday : 7:30am to 9:00am)

There is a park on Haralur Road, opposite Raindrops on a land parcel of about less than 1 acre. This park is currently maintained by MAPSAS. Some of the people living around the park wanted to set this park up as a sustainable food forest. There is also a small pond at the far end of the park. There were thoughts to revive this pond too

To take this thought towards action, a small event was planned on Sunday morning 5th June (also World Environment Day) to plant some saplings in the park as well as participatorily design the "food forest". Some questions about "what is a food forest ? ","what will be planted" and "how will these plants be maintained" etc got discussed. Here is a presentation that displays a possible Proposal that was discussed.  Thanks to Himanshu for putting together the drawings

12 banana saplings + 2 mango + 1 akash mallige were planted both inside and outside the park. There were imaginations of how the schools kids who wait for the school bus near the park would have access to mangoes in a few years time. Thanks to Meera and Vidhya for arranging for the saplings.

Participants : Vidhya, Kumudha, Bharath, Amol, Smita, Rajeev, Hema, Kanthi, Meera, Himanshu and Shubha

Need to keep this momentum going


राजीवः said...

Had a great time in the park planting a few saplings. Felt great to do our small bit on the world environment day. The insights provided by Himanshu and Kanti were helpful.

Unknown said...

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