Sunday, March 29, 2015

World water day at Rainbow Drive layout, 22nd March, 2015

Is there any other better way to celebrate world water day than at Rainbow Drive layout in Bengaluru? Rainbow Drive has been a pioneer in many good practices towards water sustainability and this was one such occasion which provided an opportunity to celebrate that spirit of working towards water self-sufficiency.

The citizen participation in the projects closes or at least inches closer towards end when the citizen themselves take over the activities and start championing the activities. The involvement of young generation in taking photographs and developing a movie on the good practices followed in the community, the residents themselves talking about the current practices and interventions around solid waste management, recharge wells, rainwater harvesting, etc. made the event much more valued. A presentation by Avinash Krishnamurthy from BIOME on how RBD has changed from a situation of any other layout in the city struggling with water issues to water sustainable community over the years was one of the highlights of the even as well.

On occasion of this day, a Phytorid based sewage treatment plant was officially inaugurated by Upa Lokayuktha, Justice Subhash B Adi. Justice Adi, who has been hearing cases around issues of water bodies, especially lakes in Bengaluru praised the efforts undertaken at RBD and encouraged others to follow it.

Amidst the chaos created by many discussions around sewage treatment, recharge well, rainwater harvesting, aquifer mapping, lakes bioremediation, etc. and the brazing heat, cool coconut water was indeed refreshing.

We would like to thank K P Singh and RBD plot owners association for their support in organizing this event. 




Anonymous said...

Good work by all involved!

Anonymous said...
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Unknown said...


Can you tell me who was the STP vendor? I would like to get in touch with him as well. I am part of a community on New Bel road near ramaiha hospital. I would like to get this done in our community as well.

zenrainman said...

Would you mind sending an email to and then we can put you in touch with the vendors