Wednesday, November 19, 2014

RWH in Vivek Khanna's home, Shubh Enclave, Haralur Road

Vivek Khanna at Kasavanahalli kere
Rainwater Harvesting was implemented in Vivek Khanna's residence in Shubh Enclave in early 2009.  The system comprised storage of rooftop rainwater in a large 15,000 liter sump as well as 2 recharge wells of 5ft diameter and 30ft depth. 

A chance encounter with Vivek Khanna at Kasavanahalli lake today revealed that his sump fills up with water every time it rains reducing his dependence on ground water. His recharge wells have not only kept his borewell running but also resulted in water in the newly dug borewells of his downstream neighbours (probably because of the recharge) where as some of the other newly dug borewells in the layout do not yield !! His new neighbours are now interested in getting RWH implemented in their homes
Recharge Well - just completed in 2009

Each of these stories reiterates the benefits of rainwater harvesting - both storage and recharge. Many thanks to him for sharing this story with us

The relationships between the recharge wells in his home as well as the nearby borewells would also be good cases to study as part of the aquifer mapping project

Newly constructed recharge well in 2009

Underground RWH filter construction in progress

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