Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Mindtree in Bhubaneshwar: Low footprint campus

Mindtree is building a software training and development facility on 20 acres of land in Bhubaneshwar . Water is currently available at 80ft below ground level.  

Making the mud blocks
So far 6 lakh bricks have been manufactured
Compressed Soil blocks made out of the excavated soil from the campus are being used for construction. All the rainwater that falls on the campus as well runoff from an adjacent hill as well as from a nearby office campus pass through the Mindtree campus. Mindtree has constructed a storage sump of 1 million litres to store and reuse rooftop rainwater. All other runoff from the neighbourhood as well as surface runoff from its own campus it being recharged into the ground through 60 recharge wells of about 7.5 KL (7,500 litres) capacity each - a total static recharge volume of 450KL (450,000 litres). In addition to this a pond of 15 Million litres (15,000,000 litres)  has also been created to hold excess runoff water. After all Bhubaneshwar does receive 1.5 metres (1548mm) of rain in a year and during a cyclone the daily rainfall itself could be in excess of 300mm.  Once the entire system is in place the plan is to manage all water requirements through stored rooftop rainwater or water from the pond and wells as well as STP treated water. Even the borewell is not proposed to be used for as long as possible.
Mixing the soil

The construction with mud blocks as well as the planning for use of rainwater and treated waste water has ensured that this will be a low footprint campus. 

Credits are certainly due to the architects(CnT) & services consultants(McdBerl).

soil blocks

digging the well and placing rings

temporary top cover

walls made of soil blocks

5ft dia for the 10 top 10ft
and 3ft dia for the next 10 ft

Well has filled up before completion

Overflowing well

15 million liter pond
silt trap to the pond

Site office - Rajiv explains

The 2 hills


Lingaraj Dinni said...

This is great. Would like to know the built area, number of floors and buildings and proposed occupancy of the campus.

Shubha said...

The buildings are ground + 2. There are 2 blocks. One for academic + 1 for transit - fully residential. The rooftop area is 12122sqm and the expected occupancy is 1100. This for Phase 1. 2 more phases are also planned

vikram said...

This building is designed by CnT architects bangalore India.

Amit Rastogi said...

Please mention credits to the architects(CnT) & services consultants(McdBerl). Right now it sounds like the campus is designed by Biome.
Amit Rastogi

Unknown said...

Credits are certainly due to the architects(CnT) & services consultants(McdBerl). Thanks for pointing out. This has been updated in the main blog as well