Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Hado Siddapura and Gattahalli Lakes

Hado Siddapura and Gattahalli are 2 lakes at the South Eastern boundary of the aquifer that we are looking at. Todays's site visits took us to these lakes.  Both these lakes are completely dry. Some interesting observations were

  1. The Forest Department had planted trees on the Hado Siddapura lake bed. Did that mean that they had given up on it ever being a lake full of water again
  2. There were new transmission towers setup on the lake bed (the transmission lines still to be drawn). Did anybody know that this was a lake bed ? 
  3. 3 large open wells by the Gattahalli kere. Muniraju (from Prakriya School) who led us to these wells as well as others around the wells told us that these wells had water overflowing out of them some 15 years ago. These wells are only about 40ft deep indicating that water would have been available at that depth. Now the wells are bone dry.
All this a mere 3kms from Sarjapura Road

Open Well 1 near Gattahalli kere

Open Well 2 near Gattahalli kere

Open Well 3 near Gattahalli kere

New transmission towers

New temple adjacent to the erstwhile lake

Tree plantation on the lake bed

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