Thursday, December 19, 2013

Seeing is Believing : BIOME organizes a trip to Rainbow Drive

Rainbow Drive, a layout on Sarjapura Road spread over 34 acres now has 320+ recharge wells of varying sizes (the highest density of recharge wells in Bangalore - capable of recharging a minimum of 1.3ML of water per rainfall event). Continuous and intensive ground water recharge has resulted in the shallowest borewell of 250ft yielding over 1 lakh litres of water per day . The layout is mostly self sufficient for its water needs and is able to guarantee 20KL per month to all households - this, in an area where most other residential localities are buying water.  The achievement of the community has been way more than just raising the funds to create the infrastructure for rainwater harvesting.

Introduction of an intelligent water tariff and several knowledge sessions with residents has resulted in a community that is very responsible with its water and which is also fairly aware and proud of what it has achieved. BIOME helped catalyse this process in 2008 with help from key residents in this layout by conducting the first knowledge session around RWH and digging the first 10 recharge wells

Pictures below document the visit of key Water Experts from across India (from ACWADAM, Arghyam, WASSAN, Megh Pyne Abhiyan) that are working on Participatory Ground Water Management. There is deep acknowledgement from the Water Experts of what the community has achieved. Only a visit to the layout can tell you the complete story - Seeing is Believing

The first well that was dug -
now holds some water
Muniyappa and Pedanna - 2 well diggers

6ft diameter and  40ft deep well
- 32,000 litres
Not many people are digging wells this
size in Urban India

Well digging in progress
Thats how rings are lowered

A recharge well - but with Pulley and the works -
waiting to fill up with water - HOPE

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