Saturday, September 22, 2012

Mr Reddy designs and builds a rainwater filter

Mr Reddy one of our very experienced rainwater harvesting contractors decided to put together his own rainwater filter. It had to be of lower cost, easy on maintenance and of course do a good job of the filtration. Made with pipe fittings available in the market. Fully hand crafted - the slots, the tying up of the stainless steel mesh. 

About 6 months of research and trial and error went into putting this filter together. Each design challenge was dealt with a lot of care and effort.  Prevention of leakages, managing peak rainfall and overflow and robustness required a lot of thought and trying out with different materials. 

The most thoughtful add on feature - not available with any other commercial filter in the market - a ready brush to clean it with ! The product is still not in the market - there are enquiries from the local hardware shops though. In Beta testing. Its called KAVERI-RF100 (neatly hand written)

Wishing him all the very best  !!

The inventor and his invention
Slotted PVC pipe with stainless steel mesh

The insides

Explaining the usage


Anonymous said...

Hats Off to Mr. Reddy.

Unknown said...

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