Sunday, February 25, 2018

Namma shaleyalli beleda banana

Hebbedara Metillu - a small village off Kanakapura Road, that does not even show up on Google Maps. The Head mistress of the lower primary school in the village was keen that RWH be implemented in the school and that the tiny students of the school be spoken to about the need for rainwater harvesting and water conservation. She found our number and requested us for the same. She said she would help us out by identifying a local contractor, material etc and only needed some guidance and some financial support. We managed to raise some funds, go out to the dot on the map and actually managed to get RWH implemented. It rained, their tank filled up and they called to thank us. About a year has gone by since. Now they send us this "Namma shaleyalli beleda banana" (banana grown in our school) - and ask us to swing by and eat their delicious bananas. This was grown with harvested rainwater !!

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