Monday, June 29, 2020

Dead Zone- final report

Biome worked on a Bangalore Sustainability Forum grant project to identify and revive a dead zone in Jakkur lake, from August 2019 to March 2020

Pic 1- Jakkur lake

Dead zones are areas without enough dissolved oxygen (DO) to support aquatic life, they can be caused naturally or by human activity, but the primary cause is excess nutrients entering the water either through surface runoff or wastewater entering lakes. 

Pic 2- Testing the solar aerator in jakkur lake kalyani

For this project we identify the collected dissolved oxygen readings over a period of 8 months. The data collected shows that areas near the wetland outlet, the northeast corner, the northwest corner and the western bank of the lake have low dissolved oxygen levels. While taking the readings we observed large amounts of water entering the lake, we saw algal blooms, and noticed bad odour near the wetland indicating fluctuations in the water quality. Other factors that could have affected the data are rainfall, and cloud cover. In order to revive the dead zone we needed a portable device that did not require electricity to function, after some research we decided to use a solar aerator to improve the water quality. To see a significant impact the readings using the solar aerator would need to be taken over a longer period of time. 

Please find complete information of this project  here.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Rainbow Drive Stories : In the Media

Million Wells For Bengaluru : In the Media

  • TEDx : Million Wells for Bengaluru

BoreWell Inspection Camera : What to buy/how to setup

Bore well inspection camera can be used to know the details of bore well condition, so that if there are any problems they can be addressed and solved. 

A bore well camera can be used for
  1. Inspection of Stratum structure divide, 
  2. Well wall stratum crack, 
  3. Distinguish fractured development zone, 
  4. Long time underground borehole monitoring, 
  5. casing problems, like leakages, etc.,

Things to be purchased for bore well camera setup

ParticularsBasic Price
Internal Battery Powered Bore Well Camera16000
HD Video cable 28 Rs. Per meter
USB Video Converter1500
Cable pulley2000

Approximately total cost of this inspection camera for 600 meter depth is 36,000

This video or picture taken by camera can be accessed directly to connected Monitor or mobile

Few of the companies sell bore well inspection cameras in Bangalore

Company Phone Number
Humaira Impex, Mumbai Call:0804899555
Ahpat Engineering, Ahmedabad Call:08048105420
Mega Laptop & CCTV World (S.p. Road, Bengaluru) Call:08048404645
Turning Point, Indore Call:08048956352
B R Industries, Mumbai Call:08048549991
Energy Management Systems (Jayanagar Jayanagar, Bengaluru)


Saturday, June 13, 2020

When the well diggers put all the wells on a map

These maps were created by the well diggers themselves during the workshop jointly organised by BIOME and Srishti at the Cubbon Park Metro station for all the well diggers

A large map of Bangalore was printed on several sheets of paper and well diggers were asked to place pink dots in the location they remembered having dug wells in. Soon the map was filled with pink dots. There are comments against most wells that indicate depth, presence of water and other stories of each of the wells

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Open Wells at the Dhobi Ghat near Ulsoor lake

After the Ulsoor lake walk as part of SUBMERGE events early January 2020, we decided to look around for open wells in the vicinity. There had to be some

Second stop was the Dhobi ghat. You can see it from the road adjacent to the lake. You can also walk into the Dhobi ghat. The well is integral to the livelihoods of the dhobis. Water seems plentiful. No one is keen to talk much as there seems to be some land dispute

Its a beautiful sight nevertheless

a tank to your right

the dhobhi ghat - as seen from the road

here is where you stop your bike for the view

another view

the well - and washing paraphernalia

one of the wells

Open Well at the Lake View Maha Ganapathy temple : Near Ulsoor Lake

After the Ulsoor lake walk as part of SUBMERGE events early January 2020, we decided to look around for open wells in the vicinity. There had to be some

Lake View Maha Ganapathy temple by the lake side was our first stop. And yes, there was a well which had water and which was used as a source of water. According to the temple folks, this well is not very old. When the borewell ran dry they dug this well - about 20ft deep. Provides water for washing vessels, washing the temple and feet of the devotees.

Need to make another trip to understand the well and its story better

the maha ganapthy temple

the tap to which well water is pumped

the well - temple rear

the storm water drain that flows adjacent to the temple