Monday, March 12, 2018

Neeru Project at Sanjaynagar, Bengaluru

Biome Environmental Trust (Biome) participated in an event hosted by Sanjaynagar residents and local welfare associations. The event was called 'Neeru Project'. The aim of this was to educate people and create awareness about rainwater harvesting and water conservation. It was an interesting initiative. And we are glad to say that many people turned up for conversing with us and know more about what can be done in their house, apartment, parks, etc. People shared their personal stories of water conservation.

We met a gentleman who has done rainwater harvesting at his house a decade back. He uses rainwater for all purposes except drinking purpose and mentioned that 6-7 months of the year, the households needs are sufficed through rainwater alone. There were interesting stories about open wells in the neighborhood (though we couldn't go and see it), and shallow borewells and deep borewells.

The local corporator also made a visit. A request for creating groundwater recharge wells especially in the common places like parks was made to him. And we were glad that, post the event, we were again invited to inspect the public parks and suggest locations of the recharge wells. Hoping for many more recharge wells in the Sanjaynagar neighborhood.

Some photos below that capture the event:

Newspaper coverage of the event

Communication material

All prepped up for the event!!

Local Corporator visits us

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