Monday, September 15, 2014

Water Level Sensors

The Aquifer Mapping Study involves measuring the current water levels in the borewells being monitored. To do this, we make use of a water level sensor. This equipment has a tape marked in feet and meters and wound around a metal spool. One end is connected to a circuit and the other end to a probe. When the tape is lowered into the borewell and the probe hits water, the circuit is complete and sets off a buzzer and/ or a light. The whole equipment is powered by either a 12v battery or a couple of 1.5v cells. Due to issues like the tape and/ or the probe getting stuck in the borehole, we have had to abandon/ replace these equipments over a period of time.

Currently, we are using our third different equipment. ACWADAM helped procure our first equipment from a local vendor in Pune. This had a total depth of 150 meters and tipped the scales at around 6 kgs. It served us for a while before getting stuck with around 80 meters of tape inside a borewell.

The second equipment was bought from Mr. Anil Gangisetti (Sri Laxmi Sai Scientific Services - Hyderabad). It developed issues on the first day of use. Problems were zeroed down to a drained battery and a defective probe.

While awaiting a replacement probe, we procured another one from ATREE where Ms. Apoorva has developed a low cost sensor. While the previous equipments had a submersible probe, this one featured a float based probe and it is immune to intermediate streams of water in the borehole. As the float probe was a tad thicker in diameter than the probes in the previous  equipments, we had issues in inserting the sensor in some borewells having a smaller hole in the borewell top metal cap. This was much lighter than the previous two equipments (~3.5 kgs) and the spool was big enough to have the cable intact unlike the previous equipments in which if the tape was not wound tightly enough, it would start coming out of the spool frame.

The float probe got stuck in one of the borewells but we could retrieve most of the tape except for the final 10 ft.



Lingaraj Dinni said...

Probably non electro-mechanical ones are required. There are sonic ones available, we should check with few larger labs if they do have one and test it out before procuring.
This one has a list of some:

Rajiv said...

The sonic ones are
1) Quite expensive
2) Have limitations in operation viz. are more suitable for larger dia wells. In smaller dia wells, there is the potential of getting reflected back from the casing wall or any other obstructions.
The electro mechanical ones are used by other organizations viz. CGWB, ATREE, ACWADAM. But yeah, there is lots of room for improvement and research on the same.

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Anonymous said...

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