Sunday, September 14, 2014

All Weather Station for Aquifer Mapping Study

We are in the process of procuring and setting up a weather station in Sarjapura road to monitor rainfall among other weather parameters. While we were researching on availability of such stations in the market, we chanced upon They (Saurabh Chandra and Pavan) are experimenting to collect and publish real time weather data. The All Weather Station was done in collaboration with a local start up (Yuktix).

We got in touch with Rajeev Jha of Yuktix to discuss about procuring one for the Aquifer Mapping Study. The plan is to install this weather station in Rainbow Drive (a gated community layout) after discussion with their Resident Welfare Association. This system will monitor Rainfall, Temperature, Pressure, Humidity and will beam data to a cloud server every 3 minutes. The system can run either on grid supply or solar power.

Some pictures of the system installed as a part of the Citizen Weather Network



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