Monday, March 31, 2014

RWH Mela organized by BIOME and WIPRO on 22nd March 2014

A Short Summary of the Presentations and the Stalls

Stalls were setup by :
  1. Muniyappa the Well digger (RWH) : 94485-70684
  2. BIOME (RWH) :, 4167-2790
  3. Green Zone (RWH)7204479448,
  4. ANCEnergyTech (Water Metering)8904068003,
  5. TerraGreen (RWH)8123410516,
  6. EcoServ Solutions (Waste Water Treatment)9900102008,
  7. REVA College9845900053,
  8. NIE CREST,, 8214004914
  9. Rainway Filter (RWH), 7760044823
  10. CDD (Waste Water Treatment)9845151410,
The event included the following speakers
  1. Hari Hegde (WIPRO) : Welcome address and Context Setting
  2. Rajiv Hemanth (BIOME) : How to implement Rainwater Harvesting
  3. Sunil Mysore (HINREN) : Case study of RWH implementation at an apartment:  Nagarjuna Enclave
  4. Srinivasan Sekhar (ECOSERV) : Case study of Complete Water Recycling and Reuse at TZED
  5. Mr KP Singh : Case Study of RWH and other Best Water Practices in a layout Rainbow Drive
  6. Krishna : Status of rejuvenation of Halanayakanahalli Kere
  7. Avinash Krishnamurthy : Launch of the Aquifer Mapping Project
  8. CDD: DEWATS as a methodology for waste water treatment
  9. Vinod Damodaran : Metering in apartments with multiple water inlets
There was also a photography exhibition "Namma Ooru Namma Neeru" setup with help from the Goethe Institute

For any further specific details please contact Shubha (

Word of Acknowledgement from some of the participants

"It was a pleasure to be part of the mela and there was lot to learn from different speakers. Thank you for inviting us to be part of it .

We appreciate the effort that you and other Biome members are putting up to create awareness regarding various aspects related to water.  "

"Thank you, for inviting me to present in this gathering, and for all the backend coordination you did to put together this talk series. Hats off to your enthusiasm, as I can imagine the effort it took to coordinate with so many different speakers, Wipro authorities and the invitees. I hope that one or two would be converted to doing RWH because of this seminar. That would be the best testament for the efforts you undertook."

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