Monday, March 10, 2014

Brief Snapshot of nine lakes around Sarjapura road

The lakes in and around the Sarjapura road area need to be understood in greater detail to study their role in the ground water situation in the Sarjapur - Bellandur region. A quick tour of nine lakes revealed the following information.

v  Singasandra lake: Located at 12º52’56.71” N latitude, 77º38’40.84” E longitude, and an altitude of 842 m. BBMP has de-silted the lake with an aim to convert it into a park. The lake area is about 10acres, of which the water body occupies about 8acres. By de-silting, the idea is to make the lake fit for collection of rain water; discharge of wastes into the lake is also being stopped.

Illustration 1: Singasandra Lake

v  Kudlu lake: Located at 12º53’10.47” N latitude, 77º39’58.8” E longitude and 813 m altitude. The lakebed is at present dry. A small pond of water is found inside the kudlu village which is surrounded by naturally formed rocks. This is important as the water looks clean. This pond is located at 12º53’1.66” N latitude, 77º39’21” E and 842 m altitude.


Illustration 2: Kudlu Lake and nearby ‘Bandi’

v  Parappana Agrahara lake: Located at 12º52’46.8” N latitude, 77º39’36.48” E longitude and 831 m altitude. According to the residents of the area, the lake has been filled.

Illustration 3: Parapana Agrahara Lake

v  Kodige Singasandra lake: Located at 12º52’46.30” N latitude, 77º38’32.32” E longitude and 846 m altitude. According to a local, till a couple of years ago, the lake was used as a source for drinking water and fishermen were earning their livelihood by catching the fishes from the lake. But now, the apartments and garment industries around the lake discharge untreated sanitary wastes and the chemical wastes into the lake. The person also added that people have complained about the sorry state of the lake to the BBMP but the authority has failed to take suitable action against the polluters.
Illustration 4: Kodige Singasandra Lake

v  Begur lake: Located at 12º52’41.43” N latitude, 77º37’57.24” E longitude and an altitude of 818 m. The lake was filled with wastes. 

v  Chikka Begur lake: Located at 12º53’1.38” N latitude, 77º38’17.63” E longitude and 816 m altitude. A large number of plants can be seen in this lake.

Illustration 5: Begur and Chikka Begur Lakes

v  Doddakanneli lake: Located at 12º54’46.17” N latitude, 77º41’44.77” E longitude and 809 m altitude. The lake was de-silted, the sanitary waste, previously discharged into this, is now diverted to a separate gutter. The lake will be soon surrounded by roads, and will only depend on rainfall for its water.
Illustration 6: Doddakanneli Lake

v  Dommsandra lake: Located at 12º52’36.19” N latitude, 77º45’4.09” E longitude and 828 m altitude. Lake is filled with soil, it has a borewell nearby which is in working condition.
Illustration 7: Dommasandra Lake

v  Somasundra Palya lake: Located at 12º53’56.77” N latitude, 77º38’55.14” E longitude and 860 m altitude. The lake is filled with sewage. The lake area is about 16 acres and 29 guntas.
 Illustration 8: Somasundra Palya Lake



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