Saturday, March 8, 2014

Open Well in Kodathi Village, Off Sarjapura Road

Beautiful old open well in Kodathi (Off Sarjapura Road) . Said to have last held water about 15 years ago. We were glad the well had not been filled up and closed. It could revive. Would be good if people
could get together and do ground water recharge in the area.

Groundwater does not have to be got from depths > 800ft (yes - even on Sarjapura Road). There seems to be ample evidence (in the form of old and abandoned open wells)  to support the fact that there was a shallow aquifer in this area at a depth of 20ft and below

An inspiring story on people going back to open wells in the Hindu:

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chitra said...

Yes true one need not go down to 800 feet to revive the wells. You are doing a good job of compiling well pictures.