Thursday, March 24, 2022

"Well" Connected: Groundwater and Wells

BIOME Trust and BWSSB in collaboration with Citizen Matters is organizing a series of events on water management. The first event focused on Rainwater Harvesting and the second event on Water Demand management. The third in the series, "Well" Connected: Groundwater and wells (Antharjala mattu bhavigala sambanda) was held on 26th February on Zoom platform.

Several speakers from different walks of life - residents, CSR groups, govt agencies talked about their engagement with Groundwater. The talks covered the significance of open wells and recharge wells in enhancing the groundwater table, reducing the demand for Cauvery water and borewell water, mitigating the flooding and seepage issues.

Event poster

Citizen Matters pre-event press note which covered the event objectives and objectives. The post-event press note captured the detailed talks of each speaker.

The event recording is uploaded on BIOME Trust YouTube channel.

The two minute individual recordings of each speakers are uploaded on the our YouTube channel:

                     B M Manjunath, BWSSB

                     Raghuram Giridhar, Vidyaranyapura

                     Ramya Coushik, Ascot Apartments

                     Balasubramanian, Vidyaranyapura

                     Neeru Goyal, Adarsh Palm Retreat

                     Ajay Singh, Rail Wheel Factory

                     Minol, Puravankara

                     Meena Dave, India Cares

                     Manjunath N, India Cares

                     Ramprasad, Friends of Lakes

                     Kusuma G, Horticulture Department

                     Peddanna and Venkatesh Peddanna, Well diggers

                     Dr Meenakshi Bharath, Malleshwaram

                     Subbu Hegde, Classic Orchards 

The detailed Case Study videos of around 5-6 minutes were made for each story. The same are uploaded on BIOME Trust YouTube Channel:

"Re-imagining the shallow aquifer in Bengaluru" captures the insights from Mr Vishwanath S on groundwater, its history, functions and significance in Bengaluru city. Citizen speakers, Corporate agencies and public institutions talk about their engagement with groundwater and wells. 

- Rakshitha M L

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