Tuesday, March 15, 2022

BIOME Team Meeting on Feb 16th 2022

Hey! Here are the cheerful stories from BIOME team meeting which was held at Lalbagh on 16th February 2022. It was the first offline team meeting post two long pandemic years. We had a new team member Neelima, Srinivas who said we had met three times offline and corrected himself to online, Shivanand travelling for 30 kms, Rakshitha staying a previous day in pg et all... 

Lalbagh Botanical Garden was chosen for the offline meeting as all of us would get to see the old open wells which have been rejuvenated from us with the support of the donors. Of course, Suma is our Lalbagh person:) She anchored the rejuvenation process and she walked us through the wells with Well Digger Ramakrishna and team. When we BIOME are together who could stop us from capturing us together; the joyful faces:)

Shubha says "Folks let us get a good picture with whatever poses and combinations for our display pictures:) Suma is our formal or informal Photographer nahi Photo instructor;) She says "all of you keep your right leg front and hold your hand behind, look away from the cam" and what not! 

Look, here we go with our group picture, a community pic with our beloved well diggers

Ramakrishna is full on with the technical details on the well rejuvenation. Shivanand and Himanshu would always had a question more to ask and our RK would start answering by saying Saaaar en gotta ;)

Now look carefully - eyes wide open. All of these are from RK's pocket, the ones he found in the Lalbagh well during the rejuvenation. The oldest being 1930 and the latest being 2011. 


We found a shade under a very famous 200 year old tree. Shubha started the formal meeting from give the gist of all the projects that BIOME is engaged. All the team members spoke about their projects and anything and everything which is close to their hearts and energizes the team. Himanshu's Frisbee from the last meeting was well cherished. Finally, we all were more than happy for chasing our passion for water and thanking BIOME for flexible work schedule and most efficient outcomes. Shubha missed Avinash and Vishu sir at this moment. 

Hold on, our meeting is followed by yummy lunch at MTR. Kosambari, Masala dosa, Poori, Bisibelebath, curd rice, fruits with classic ice cream, beeda et all to treat our taste buds and overfull our tummies. 

The plate and tummies were full yet our untold conversations finding way for the next meeting....

- Rakshitha 

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