Sunday, March 22, 2020

Solutions for Rejuvenating Bengaluru’s lakes workshop, Conducted by ATREE: 11th and 12th of Dec, 2019.

BIOME participated in a  2 day workshop ‘Solutions for Rejuvenating Bengaluru’s lakes ‘ organised by ATREE on the 11th and 12th of December 2019.

After  context setting by ATREE  A diverse set of speakers whose expertise ranged from Water management solutions, Wastewater management in the context 
of ‘Smart Cities’ ,  Boosting citizen lake management capacity via apps and Using water plants /algae to arrest nutrient increase or cleanse waters (Constructed 
wetland treatment systems) presented potential solutions. 

This was followed by a Panel Discussion consisting of Dr. Annapurna Kamath on monitoring & solutions, including financing opportunities for implementation 
and monitoring effectiveness/benefits of solutions

Day 2 saw  organizations explaining their  work in water conservation are their respective area of expertise 

Wastewater Wizard: Presented their work on wastewater treatment systems using worm based technology

Clean water wave: Explained effectiveness of their new product ‘Active filter media’ replacement to sand filters in RO plants to improve drinking water quality

Charu Bhanot: PhD fellow from TERI presented her ongoing work on Wetlands and its effect biodiversity in Delhi

CDD society: Presented their latest work in treating Wastewater entering lakes in whitefield.

Biome: Biome presented its work on RWH, Million recharge wells program and Jakkur lake case study


A Group activity was organized where all participants were divided into three groups and discussed present problems, available techniques and new interventions.
Topic were
  • Monitoring and governance solutions
  • Solutions for rejuvenating lakes
  • Wastewater treatment and reuse

This was followed by a visit to Jakkur Lake  
The Jakkur walk narrative was around the formation of a citizens group (Jalposhan) to rejuvenate Jakkur lake and their responsibility   
with common consensus towards adopting the lake, their approach to gather stakeholders and collaboration to provide holistic solutions.  Discussions 
were focused on the technical aspects like Wetland construction, biodiversity, community park, wastewater treatment, role of Kalyani, water quality,
fishing and regular maintenance of the lake and the importance of keeping citizen’s interest through different programs by citizen science groups.

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