Monday, March 2, 2020

DO at Kaikondrahalli and Kasavanahalli Lakes on 2nd March 2020

Date : 2nd March 2020

Kaikondrahalli Lake : 7:30am 

  1. At the bridge (outlet from lake) @2m below water level 3.4mg/l at 24.8C
  2. Behind the gazebo (near the outlet) @1m below water level 2.7mg/l @ 25C

Kasavanahalli Lake : 8:00am : 25.6C
  1. The outlet was dry - so a little distance away from the outlet at 0.5m below water level 3.2mg/l
  2. @1m below water level 2.8mg/l 

From the KKHalli outlet bridge

What the water looks like at KKHalli where the DO was measured

Measuring DO at KKHalli

Point on KSVHalli Lake where DO was measured

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