Monday, January 6, 2020

Biome Environmental Trust at the World Water Week 2019

The World Water Week is the biggest conference on water organised annually by SIWI.
The theme of World Water Week 2019 was Water for Society: Including All, seeking to draw attention to the fact that humanity’s major challenges are interlinked and can only be solved through broad solutions. The escalating water crisis has increased focus on the importance of good water governance, to make sure that there is enough clean water for the many competing needs. 

The Freshwater Biodiversity Seminar was a Roundtable / World Cafe Discussion on harnessing unconventional knowledge and actors.

Session abstract: What role can communities and private citizens play in strengthening conservation and development efforts at all levels of governance? What are the opportunities, benefits and challenges of integrating the knowledge they generate into national and international programs? The session featured case study presentations on citizen involvement in conservation.

The conference program mentions Shubha Ramachandran's presentation on page 27 (page 117 on the program schedule).

Biome presented the role that grasscutters, fishermen and well-diggers play in water conservation in an urban context. Here is the presentation.

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