Monday, September 19, 2016

Book Reading, Citizen Science and lakes/groundwater at Kaikondrahalli Lake

An interesting Lakes, Bangalore and Science event was held at  Kaikondrahalli Lake on 7th August. Renowned ecologist and author of the recently-released book Nature in the City, Dr. Harini Nagendra, spoke about  this city's history seen through the lens of green spaces and lakes. Kaikondarahalli Lake has a pride of place in her book as it is mentioned in the very first page!

After the interaction with Harini... Shubha Ramachandran and team from Biome spoke about the work that they are doing at the Kaikondrahalli lake with water testing, shallow aquifer mapping and bathymetry studies

Date: 7th August
Time: 10.30AM
Venue: Kaikondarahalli Lake Amphitheatre (its a brisk 5-minute walk from the main gate to the amphitheatre)

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