Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Visit to ferns paradise

                                                     Visit to Ferns Paradise

                                                   Doddanekundi, Bangalore.

Date of visit: 07/05/2012
Aim: To check the recharge rate of the borewells ( which have not been used almost since 5years because it is not yelding enough water.)
 Borewell 1 : on 6th street
 Borewell 2:  on 2nd street.

Current plan: To convert the dried up borewell as recharge structures by supplying it with rain water. This is done by allowing water from the recharge well through the recharge structure (helps in filtration) and the water seeps into the aquifer and can be used whenever needed.

How is it done?
Recharge wells: Circular structures which have a diameter of 3-5ft (1-1.5m) and is approximately 20ft deep. The rain water is allowed to stand, such that the silt settles down.
 The water form here is sent to the recharge structure which is present around the borewell pipe.The recharge structure is filled with aggregates of different sizes and acts as a purifer. The borewell pipe is perrforated at a height half way from the recharge structure (this way the water would have passed through the soil filters in the recharge structure) and then enters the borewell through the perforation which is covered by net one mesh.
  This water then reaches the aquifer which will help to replenish the surrounding borewells and can be drawn up with the help of a borewell pump.                           
  • To check the rate of absorption :
Water Level Indicator used to measure the depth of water

A tanker was called and the water was directly sent into the borewell.
Water suppied from the tanker
The readings for the rate of water receding was as follows :
Borewell 1:  For 10mts it took 2mins
                     For 16mts it took 4mins 22 sec
                     For 17.5mts it took 7 mins.
             It took 20mins to absorb 3000lts.

Borewell 2: All the water was absorbed at once. Approximately 4,500lts was absorbed in 12mins.

     Hence among the two canditates the proposed plan will be implemented to the 2nd borewell.


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