Monday, April 30, 2012

Report - Visit to Government Girls School, Vijayapura.


Project Details: 

Date of inspection: 28/04/2012
Location: Government Girls School, Vijayapura, 14kms away from Devanhalli, Bangalore Rural.
Current problem faced by the school:  Government not supplying adequate water to meet the needs of the school.
Date of starting construction for the project: 26/04/2012
Expected date of completion : 12/05/2012
Project sponsored by: Robert Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions
Planned and designed by : Biome Environmental Solutions.
Current Plan: Project engineer Mr. Ramkrishnappa says the current plan is to collect rain water from the terrace of the entrance building.

entrance of the school

 Pipes are laid in in a fashion such that pipes to the right of the building are smaller in diameter and goes on increasing in diameter (because the volume of water increases).

existing pipe to the right of the building

pipes to the left of the building

Mr.Ramkrishnappa and Karan checking the location 

These pipes are connected to an underground sump of 10,000 litres and the water is stored there.

sump under construction
This water is later pumped to the overhead tank. This water is used in the washrooms for the students and other purposes.

  Some of the water is stored in the ground level tank (of 5,000 litres) and the water from here is mainly used in the kitchen for cooking [For cooking mid-day meals. Mid-day meals : Food cooked at the school. An initiative by the Government of Karnataka for the welfare of the students, which are provided even during holidays]  , washing utensils, etc.
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